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You can find meditations, guided visualisations, Yoga Nidra, and more on my Insight Timer page. Or use the meditations below.

This is perfect for beginners or experienced mindfulness meditators who just want to grab a 6-minute break to focus on the breath.


A 15-minute body scan using a band of light to bathe your body.


Ideal for starting your morning or grounding and destressing on your way home from work, this meditation is 8 minutes of reconnecting to the earth and yourself.


Everyone should take time to get in touch with how they feel throughout the day. Welcome to the Feelings Scan meditation. Check in with yourself for 10 minutes.


A 30-minute body scan with music. So relaxing and ideal for bedtime meditation to help you drift off to sleep peacefully. 


If you're a purist about meditation, here's a 30-minute body scan without the music. Relax and enjoy.


You can access even more FREE meditations from me on the Insight Timer App. Go here to follow me on Insight Timer.

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