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Recovery Coaching

My main passion is Recovery Coaching, specialising in helping people to rebuild their lives and achieve success after problems such as addiction, stress, life changes, illness, divorce, life transitions and mental health disorders

If you want to move on from it, I know how to get you moving forward.

I am a specialist in getting over setbacks, having myself recovered from alcoholism and addiction, bulimia, depression, Social Anxiety Disorder, agoraphobia and Borderline Personality Disorder.


I can help you to resolve issues such as low self-esteem, traumatic experiences, PTSD, phobias and mental health issues.

I will use a combination of tools to help you most effectively, but my mainstays are NLP and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, because in my experience, they work wonders.

My experience in working with particularly challenging life circumstances means that I am open to working with anyone on any issue.

Some of the issues I can help with...

Stress Management 

Addiction recovery

Anxiety Disorders 

Mental Wellbeing

Achieving goals you are stuck with 

Getting your life back on track

Overcoming fear

Overcoming procrastination

Weight management

Eating disorders



Career coaching   

Achieving balance

Managing emotions

Managing Personality disorders

Relationship issues

Realising your dreams

Time management

Gaining Clarity

Barriers to moving forward

Limiting beliefs

Negative thinking

Destructive patterns

Increasing your self confidence

Improving self-esteem

Setting goals when you don't even know what you want

If it's not on the list, drop me a line to see if I can help :)

Coaching and NLP Workshops for your organisation

I run workshops on areas such as stress management, dealing with organisational change, multi-level motivation, communication, assertiveness and more.

I also do motivational and educational speaking and you can book me to deliver special bespoke events.

Tell me what you need!

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