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How can a Recovery Coach help you recover from addiction - or rebuild your life after other problems?

Here is a quick summary of the interview below.

Q. Who do you coach?

Recovering addicts were my original focus, because I am an alcoholic, but I work with anyone on a path with no signposts.

I work with people other than addicts, too, because people said to me they'd got over illnesses, relationship break ups etc, and they were in the same 'lost' place as recovering addicts often are.

I help anyone trying to overcome a problem and rebuild their life.

Q. What is recovery coaching?

Recovery coaching is helping addicts to rebuild their lives after getting clean and sober. Or helping people overcoming difficult periods in their lives.

Coaching is working with your strengths, resolving your limitations, helping you to reach your potential and create your ideal life.

Q. Is a Recovery Coach like an AA sponsor?

No, an AA sponsor tells you what to do, and I don't. I have no agenda other than to get you well and happy. It's not about a system, and the only interests I have at heart at yours.

I can be objective and work with you as an individual. Coaching is about finding the answers from within yourself, not listing things you should or shouldn't do.

Q: Can I still do a 12-step program?

Coaching helps you find answers within whatever you're doing; coaching is not aligned to any treatment system. You can still do 12-step - or any other treatment you want to.

Q. Is a Recovery Coach like a peer mentor or peer coach?

No, peer coaches or mentors are usually trained to advise you. I am trained in psychological techniques to work with you professionally and coach you to find individual solutions.

Q. Is a Recovery Coach like an addictions counsellor?

No, because we don't focus on the problems - we focus on solutions.

Q. When should I work with a Recovery Coach?

You need to get some kind of treatment or stability before I can work with you.

A lot of people like to have a coach when they come out of rehab, because that's a time when you're at high risk of relapse.

Recovery is a journey, so recovery coaching is suitable for long-term recovering addicts as well as those just getting clean and sober.

Q. Why should I work with a Recovery Coach?

To find direction, start moving forward and rebuilding your life.

To help you find happiness when you're in recovery.

My job is basically to make recovery worth it - to help you create a great life, so you can actually enjoy recovery.

I am the happiest recovering addict around - and I want you to get there too.

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