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 6344956023 127decc1f0 bWhat's unique about Beth Burgess?

+ I offer you a unique range of tools. No other NLP Practitioner or Coach also gives you powerful DBT strategies to my knowledge. This is a cutting-edge combination that no-one else offers..

+ I totally walk my talk. All the tools I will use to help you, I use on myself to be the best individual I can be. That's how you can be confident that they work.

+ I have encountered many issues in my life, which I have overcome. That's why I feel I have an empathy unrivalled within the industry. I know what you're talking about - I understand you.

+ I respect and treat you as a unique human being and provide a tailored solution to suit you, based on my large repertoire of tools.

  + I demonstrate what can be achSpeaking about de-stigmatisation of addictionieved even when seemingly insurmountable obstacles stand in your way. I refuse to give up on finding solutions for you, too.

  + My life's mission is to fight for more understanding in society and the de-stigmatisation of mental health issues such as addiction.

  + I want a better future for all of us for whom life has not been easy.

 Qualifications, Training & Studies

 I am a qualified NLP Practitioner (ANLP, IBPDA & ILM accredited, 2011). I've been fully trained in Coaching (2011) and Mentoring (2011).

I received a Distinction for my Theory and Principles of Indirect Hypnosis, Ericksonian Psychotherapy and NLP Diploma (British Hypnosis Research, 2012).

I have trained in Core Transformation by Andreas NLP (Foundation Level 2023-4, Advanced Level 2024)

I trained in Motivational Interviewing and Solution-Focused Therapy through the NHS (2008).

I have a background working in Social Care, coaching recovering addicts and prison-leavers to attain their personal and professional goals. (2008-12)

Everything else I have an in-depth knowledge of, like Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, is because I have completed courses to help me personally, studied further, and I employ the principles in my daily life.

I have written several books, one of which won a 'Best Book of All Time' BookAuthority Award, and I have contributed to academic publications as well as being regularly quoted and featured in media all across the world.

I was Chair of the Board of Trustees at drug and alcohol charity DiversityInCare for over three years. (2015-18)

I am committed to my ongoing professional development and regularly attend workshops and explore new material to provide the best service I can. I have studied everything from behavioural biology to somatic experiencing, so that I can be informed and flexible enough to help you, whatever your issue.


Why do my clients like working with me?

I have been there and understand where you're coming from. I know exactly what it is like to face life-limiting problems and to feel lost. I have also found my own way out of these issues and can pass on all the wonderful benefits to you. I want you to get well as much as you want to. I want you to have an amazing life too.

I am a genuine, warm, passionate, and friendly person. I am professional but you will find me very down-to-earth to work with. I make the process as enjoyable as possible. I am non-judgemental, honest, and caring -- and I work extremely hard to empower you to get you the results you want.

I won't let you settle for second best - you've already done so much hard work and been through so much battling your situation, that I think you deserve to have a truly amazing life at the end of all that -- and you can when you work with me.

Why not book a free no-obligation consultation now to find out if you'd like to work with me?

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