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Because we all like a bit of free stuff! Here are some useful and cool things just for you.

NLP & Life Coaching Stuff

A great tool for being accountable for your goals: Future Me. Write an email to yourself that the lovely website people will send back to you at a time you specify in the future. Maybe write an nice note congratulating yourself on completing the list of goals you will have achieved by then.

Coaching Confidence is a great blog for people who want to find out more about coaching. It has tips, techniques and answers to all the questions you might have about coaching. I have written a few guest posts for them in my time, so I know the lady who runs it is a good'un as well.

If you're a coach, an NLP Practitioner or a hypnotherapist, do join my Linked In group No Promo! NLP, Coaching & Hypnotherapy Discussions I got sick of all the spam posts and self-promotion on the other groups, so this one is advertising-free!

If you haven't already, check out my therapy channel on Youtube, with a special playlist dedicated to Life Coaching and NLP.

Unrelated FREE stuff that I just love

Want suggestions for a book to read? On this website, you use a sliding scale to choose what sort of thing you want in a book. More adventure, less romance, more realism etc and it makes suggestions for you. Great for bookworms!

Better than Spotify, Musicovery selects music for you depending on your mood.

Check back soon for more stuff!

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