Alcohol cravings can be one of the hardest parts of getting over an alcohol problem. Cravings can feel like they're literally driving you crazy when you're trying to be abstinent.

Beating alcohol cravings can be done, but different things may work for different people. If you work with me individually, obviously I'll tailor what we do to fit you. But for those not working with me, here are a few processes that can help you get rid of your alcohol cravings.

I've included a video plus a step-by-step process for beating alcohol cravings. They are both different, so see which works best for you.

So, here is one process that could help you if you feel an alcohol craving coming on. It only takes one minute to do.

  1. Talk inwardly to yourself and just tell the craving that you acknowledge it's there. Don't be hostile to it. Just notice the craving in a kind compassionate way,as if it's a small child tugging at your shirt, wanting attention.

  2. Say to yourself you'll sit for one minute and just allow the craving to be.

  3. Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your stomach.

  4. Take some slow deep breaths and send love and compassionate thoughts to yourself and the craving for one minute.

  5. Notice how you might now choose to do something else other than drink.

If you're not getting to grips with that exercise, there are some more tips on stopping alcohol cravings immediately in the video below:


by Beth Burgess, Addictions Therapist and author of The Recovery Formula and The Happy Addict.


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